Hidden Onsens in Beppu

From Matsuyama, we wanted to go towards Beppu. A small city located on Kyushu island, well known for its Onsens (Japanese version of hot springs). There are many ways to get there. Since we where hitchhiking at the time, cheapest way to Kyushu was from Yamathama with the ferry. We went out of the city center and raised our Yamathama sign written in kanji. It took us just 5 min to get a ride. Old lady with a round hat and a small blue car stopped, Konnichiwa.

It always surprises me how kind people are here. On the way there we tried our few Japanese sentences, she gave us some chips and we were in front of Yamathama port.

Our ferry was canceled, due to the taiphun so we ended up going to Ukia(only one last fary for next few days) and from there to Beppu ♨️

Next day I needed to finish some work, before my week off from the keyboard. This really got me thinking about what kind of traveling I prefer. Rough idea was to move on in two days, but since I spent one day for work, being able to extend the stay felt great. So, I think, that is important to do what feels good at the time, shifting a plan and getting rid of the extra stress.

At the point when we both tried the traditional onsen, alternative free outdoor onsen sounded interesting. In my guide, there was a mention about a few of them being hidden in the mountains just half an hour away from Beppu city station (360 ¥). Note next to it, downside, a murder happened here in this area a few years ago.

Regardlessly we took a bus towards "Meome" station. From there Maps.me app ( free offline maps) helped us find the path in the mountains. Road from the station was good and in about 15 min we found are self-standing before the Attention sign.

A serious crime has occurred in this area. Please take precautions for your safety. Do not enter alone, or in a group of women only, especially at the night time.

Looks like the police didn't take murder case so lightly. Continuing forward Hebin Yu Onsen there where even more signs. The helicopter was circling around the area for the whole time. Made us wonder, what really happened here? The scene around us started to fell a little like a horror movie. Few deers from the bush ren by and we heard some weird noises, from the bamboo forest. After forty minutes walking from the station we found the Onsen!

It was really something. River to the left and Onsen to the right. Just beautiful, stress flies away.

There is a waterfall if you want to go even further down the trail, but it's nothing special.
Later I read that a 28 years old nurse from Kobe was strangled there in the Nemayana Yo Nu Onsen.