/ Japan

Onward new destination

Been a while. Especially since I packed a backpack for more than a few weeks. As you can imagine when working full time - this can be tricky. One way of overcoming that it's to save money quit your job and go. Second, harder would be working while traveling. This time I choose the second option.
This sure is easier if you are working behind a computer, still reaching it isn't a smooth ride. For those reading this blog and trying to travel this way, upwork.com can be a good choice. They implement a way for you to find projects, chat with clients and the most important get paid. Might be good to add something like toggl.com for tracking your working hours and calculating your hourly price.
For quite a while I knew where I wanted to go next, just to learn how the lives of people are there. The island where letters look like funky symbols, where people love to eat raw fish with lots of rice and where all trains are sharp on time.
So I packed a small backpack this time, forty liters. I think that's the most important thing that I learn from previous travels, don't bring to much stuff! You'll probably just use the half of it in the end and it's really easy to find a place where you can do laundry.
Well guess you figured where my plane is landing, see you in next post Japan 🇯🇵