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Elizabeth School in Bodh Gaya

Police officer: "Hah, no time to unpack this." - My backpack after three months. Indian border.

Big Buddha

Anil, a student from Both Gaya. So happy that I met him! Whole day exploring the city on his motorbike. Having chai with his bros. After that, he took me to the scool where he teaches English.

This girl's name is Elizabeth. A prosperous life started for her when Nekul found her as an orphan.

This is Nekul. He and his wife founded the "Elizabeth children's home".

Now home for 27 homeless children.

Boy's room.

Sad truth is that they only get 6000 Rupees per mounth from a sponsor and are two rents behind.

Sadly, the world is full of places like this, where children have to struggle for food every day. This is just one of them. Helping them all at once is impossible. But I think with a small change comes a bigger one. So I decided that in a month from now(end of august), I will try to send some money to help them. Maybe just to cover one monthly rent (1500 Ruppees; this is around 20€), even though I am starting from zero when I come back home. If you would like to join me, you can send me an email on marko.balazic@gmail.com with a subject "Blog - Elizabeth scool".