/ Bangladesh

Tea Plantations in Srimangal

The Green city Srimangal is located in Sylhet division and is famous for its green plants used for a well-known brew called tea.

A few-minutes walk from the city brought me to endless tea plantations and some tribal villages. Since some people here see a white person for the first time, it's very important to mind every move.

Picture taken in BTRI (Bangladesh Tea Reasearch Institution).

Tea factory - this is where they make your favoure tea.

Harvest time for pineapple and lime.

Rickshaw artist

Since Bangladesh is a muslim country, ramadan started during my stay in Srimangal. For those who don't know, ramadan roughly means fasting from around four am to seven pm (in Bangladesh) for about one month. That means no WATER, no food, no cigaretts, no sex etc.