/ Bangkok

Racing Tuktuks in BKK

I only had 24 hours for this crazy city so I had to make the best out of it.

Big buddha legs

There is a deal in BKK (Bangkok) that tuktuks have with big tailor shops. If they bring costumers, they get a cupon for free gas. We met a driver who explained all about it. We had to pay 10Bats each for the sightseeing tour (altogether 30bath - that's less than a euro). This is a decent deal, cuz usually a one way tuktuk drive costs about 100Bath; it all depends on the length of the trip and your haggling. Sadly, after the tour, we had to visit the tailor shops and pretend we want to buy something. PM: just ask for the business card and say you want to order online. It saved my ass.

Once we got out of the shop, our driver made a bet for 500bath with another tuktuk driver. For those who have visited BKK and know how crazy they can drive, I would say it's twice as crazy in the race! You just try to stay in your seat, while the driver plans out every move. I am relieved to say we won the race and survived the show.

Fun facts about Thailand
  • Rice can mean breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • The majority of people want to be more white. Some use skin whiteners.
  • You can find 23 diffrent types of mangoes.
  • Drinking beer with a lot of ice is a compliment for the brewer.
  • Police bribes are quite common.
  • Full Moon Party ends with a number of dead people every year.