/ Dhaka

Just a Normal Day in Dhaka

Roads here are crowded with colourful rickshaws, green CNGs, cars and up to 50-year-old buses. Just walking around the city is a unique experience, or as my friend would say, a "fight for survival". For driving here you have to speak the language of horns and bells. So if you are not a local, you better not sit behind the wheel!

You can literally get everything on the streets - from tea with fragmented milk to a fresh jumping animal. If your clothes are torn apart, I am sure you'll find a tailor around a corner. Being white here means being the main attraction. If you stop just for a minute to check a map, an armed police officer, richshaw drivers, or just some random guy will ask you for a selfie. After you manage to struggle through the traffic, you'll most definitely desire some time for food! As in Malaysia and some other Asian contries, people eat with hands. This reminds me of my childhood before it was impolite to do so. Have to say I love eating with hands, it's tasty and the food here is amaizing!

These two guys asked me to take a picture of them killing a chicken.

Special thanks to Sohel and Tina who made me feel like home in Dhaka. Also thanks for the tasty local dinner, Badhon and Rashid!

Now is the rainy season in Southeast Asia. Every now and then comes a rainstorm. Been chillin' with these dudes for an hour to kill the time 'till the rain stopped.

Riding the train Bangladeshi style - on the roof.

After 5 min of standing on te same spot while waiting for a train to come. I had to take a panorama to fit them all in the picture.