/ Thailand

Free Folk of Pai

Pai Circus school and the hostel. These guys know how to play with fire!

Family business.

Once again, it's really nice to see how happy people can be w/o material wealth. PS: Janina said they had good corn!

Local tattoo studio, this guy did exclusively bamboo tattoes.

..and piercings.

The enterance to the Lot cave. We had an elderly guide. Sometimes, I worried I would have to catch her when we were climbing the stairs but she was sweet and knew her way around the cave for sure!

The route to the Mae yen waterfalls.

We often didn't know where to go and it was like a 5h walk to the destination. But we were lucky to have a dog guide, so we just followed him!

Here should be a picture of the waterfalls, right? But it takes too much time to repeat whole upload process agin.. I will add it when I come back home. Here are some fresh mangos instead ;)