Island Phangan and all its Magic

Young mangrove trees

Sometimes you have to find other ways to lock the door. Picture taken with the phone.

Full moon party - one crazy ass party on the beach!

Stay away from the flaming rope. Don't drive a scooter to Haad Rin during Full moon. It's a death road and a taxi ride from the city costs like 100Bath.

Having hangover like a boss

Shaman healing meditation - the best thing I did on the island. If you are interested, let me know - I have a contact.

With everything the island offers, it's easy to extend your visit (thai food, cheap accomondation, beaches, fruits, joga, parties etc.) A lot of people do. Why not?

That aside, it's somewhat sad to see how westernized islands can become when that is what the tourists desire... And a lot of them do.