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Illegal Motorbike?

So, I rented a motorbike in the previous town. This lady from the hostel was super nice and bargained for me in Thai. In the end, I got a really good price for it (3,5€ per day). I'm not a motormike expert but when I started the engine, I knew this was not an ordinary scooter. Well, that was fine by me, just that I don't have a driving licence for the beast. I heard all the stories: if bad luck comes, one can probably get away with it or just bribe a cop as a last resort.

Sadly, on the second day I noticed that my bike didn't have a licence plate. Did it get stolen or lost? Earlier that day, I went to the Tiger cave tample. Would anyone steal it in front of the tample? Probably not! Well, I was about 30 km away from Krabi town and had to take my chances for next two days.

The third day - next to my bike I see a police scooter. Luckily, he did not notice the missing plate.

Day four. Was scared as fuck. I got back to Krabi town early in the morning and after refilling the tank with gas, I immediately returned the scooter. Fiuuu!

Here is a picture of the bike from my phone.

The chances of you doing the same mistake are low, since all the scooters have a license plate, right? However, before renting a scooter, ALWAYS take a picture of it, especially of the scratches. Buy me a beer later ;)