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Kok payom village

Last two weeks, I have been volunteering in Kok Payom village. It is located in Satun province near Langu and surrounded by a mangrove forest. Most of the villagers are fishermen and the community, as well as the Thai culture are quite strong.

SaLaa - community place

After countless good moments with other volunteers and locals, I have to point out a few! First of all, working in the Mosque. When I found out that a big part of volunteering is working with cement under the sun and 38°C, I was a bit shocked to be honest.

Building the Mosque - heh that doesn't look like work

Better shot of working! - Always smiling Amina

It didn't take me long to realize how important the mosque is. Villagers are saving money for the materials. They all come and work as a team. Building the mosque together is making the village even more connected. I really enjoyed contributing my part here.

Sleeping in SaLaa

Bridge to the shower

Shower - no, I didn't spill anything out

The next genuine thing that I want to point out is simple life. A lot of people from the city would say "they have to learn a lot", but it is such a misconception! I lived in the capital of Slovenia before travelling. My day was always fully-scheduled, I ran from one place to another, doing as much as I possibly could. I just didn't have time. But is that the right way to spend life?

Mother and daughter staying with Bang Deds family.

Abbases finger after "operation". Respect to all the doctors!

SaLaa kitchen - Locals cooking for us - that food was just woow!

Sakkarin - the heart of the volunteering project in Kok payom. Thank you man and see you again! - Shot from Klong toh lem academy. Located in the mangrove forest.

Here is a clip about the academy, shot in time of our stay.

Jackfruit - largest tree fruit in the world!

Let's not forget Jang Meet - a LONG-term volunteer

Oh Bobby.