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Sandakan, Orangutans of Borneo and Sapi

Stayed in this simple hostel named Seaview. Paid 23RM for the 5-person mixed room, well that's about 5€.

I got a double bedroom and Sum for a roommate. He's a 72-year-old Singaporean travelling the world.

That bill acually exisisted but it was never publicly circulated. It's the highest-denominated piece of paper bill ever produced by the States. It looked like a real one! This guy was guarding it with his life. He was quite funny. All the facts aside, I don't believe it is a real one.

Orangutans share 97% of their DNA with humans. You can see that on this picture, right? Their brains make up to 0,6% of their body mass, while human brains make 2,1%. This is why you are able to read this and they're not.

The driver and his sister.

A small island called Sapi. Took a speedboat to get here. (20 RM for both ways).