Train to Singapore

Two trains leave for Singapore on Saturdays. The first one leaves at 4:30 a.m. and the second one at 1:30 p.m. (Of course) I picked the earlier one. That way I did't lose one day because of the transport. Tickets for JB Sentral are 33MYR, that's around 7€ and the commute takes around 7 hours.

When we arrived, I had to buy another ticket(5MYR) to Woodlands(Singapore). Sure, before you board the second train, there are baggage controls and passport checks. They were very kind! I bought some coffee because I hadn't slept for the last two days and I probably came across as a zombie. When I arrived at the counter, I realized that I can't put the coffee inside the scanner. :D The officer was like "it's OK, you can go".

I am staying in a hostel called Sleepy kiwi. The rooms and beds are really tidy(24 persons) but the chill place in front of the hostel is just awesome. This is why I am writing more I guess.

Can you see this Lebanon restaurant across the street? This guy in the white shirt is a waiter. His boss is sitting next to me as I'm typing. He is screaming at him "Go convince them... They will come.. you can do it.."