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Malaysia in numbers

Street food is really awesome and cheap. For example, you can get lunch for 2€ or less. That's about 8 Malaysian Ringgit(MYR). From now on, I will just use MYR, it's easier for me, heh. You can just divide it by 4 and you will be fine.

![klime](https://assetsformarkobalazic.s3.amazonaws.com/2016/Apr/tmp_9996_fox_8166_01_resized_14001995659328-1460111876749.jpg) Malaysia's population is around 28 mio.

Nove stolpnice
And continues to grow. 2,4 % per annum.

0,5 water is 1-2 MYR
0,5 beer is 12-17 MYR
Instant noodles are 4MYR
Can of Cocacola is 2MYR
Yogurt is 2MYR
Mango is 4MYR
1kg of rice is 1MYR

Nasi lemak(4MYR with water)