Road trip around southern Italy

Hi reader I am back to writing a blog! Here is a little trip I did with a friend last week.

alt First day we started in Napoli as locals would call it. Yes lots of people there enjoy espresso and one can get a really tasty pizza - a true napoletana!

Our plan was to rent a car in Neaples and ride down the cost towards Sicily. We booked a car using Ryanair. It was around 140€ for five days.

Next morning we woke up at 6 and took a train towards Airport. We found the FireFly company and lady welcomed us. If renting a car you need: Driving License, Credit card and reservation number. We sure had all ..except the Visa limit - 600€. Women just looked down and said "Sorry you can call the bank company or can't get a car and you will lose the money". So friend better to have more 1000€ limit on your visa or you might hit some unfortunate trouble. Later we bought extra insurance, what meant I only needed limit of 350€. I did one mobile transaction(also good to have an app for banking) and we got a car later same day! Onward with our Citroen C1!

alt Mitja trying his Italian: "Due birra per favore"

alt Mount Vesuvius from Naples.

alt alt While walking through streets of Erculano we kept seeing man playing this card game. Got me wondering what it was. We bought some espresso in one bar and quickly connected with some locals. One guy explained they are playing game called Scopa.

alt Second day we took our little car to see Herculano, Vesuvius and Pompeii.

vesuvio inside Remains of the people in Herculano town.

alt There are two reasons why I posted this picture. First is rich volcanic soil and second burned trees. There was more then 10k instances of vegetation fire fro 6th of july this year in southern italy and Sicily.

vegetation fire

Source NASA

Extremely dry conditions due to a lack of rainfall in the area has contributed to the outbreak of fires across the region. After the second hottest spring in 60 years, and the driest in that same period.

alt Inside of Vesuvius crater.
alt Small theater in Pompeii.
alt Pompeii city was mostly destroyed and buried under five meters of volcanic ash and pumice in year 79.

alt alt alt Third day was for eating pizza and dipping in the clean ocean, tourist style.

alt Tropea city.

alt Took my waterproof case with me so I could take few picture of the cliff from the water.
alt Second time I went in with new settings. Bam water got in the case. Like 4 centimeters of salted water! Got me like swim swim swim and save the camera. Fortunately not even drop got in. Anyhow last time for me to take this camera to shop, after four months of sweat in Asia and this little accident.

alt alt alt Fourth day we stopped by to see this little genuine town Lauria.

alt alt Goal this day was to sleep somewhere in National park dell'Appennino Lucano Val d'Agri and meet some more locals. We booked a room using AirBnb, but host rejected our reservation few hours before arrival(broken leg). Although everything was full I must point out good AirBnb support service calling us and sending us alternatives to our reservation. Mitja found new place (without pictures) in our budget in we drove there. After 2 hours of turns we arrived in village where nobody spoke english. We where lucky, we found one guy who called to our guesthouse and wop wop we got a old italian apartment (picture above). Ceilings had things for drying pasta and there was oven for making pizza. In the morning old women washed clothes in the canal we had our espresso and drove towards the lake Lago del Pertusillo.

alt Day five, National park alt and for the end the best pasta I have had so far! As we where driving around lake I looked on app (by the way best offline maps app) and found this place. Restaurant was located under the big Oak tree and it had only few tables prepared for guests. We had to make a reservation and come back at 12:00. We drank some good wine and waither started bringing us appetizers, like 8 plates of them. After there was this pasta with walnuts two types of melted olives. Buona corsa!